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We didn’t really need an indicator beyond the initial trailer that Jon Favreau’s Lion King re-imagining was going to be a sumptuous, familiar take on the Disney icon. But the new trailer is here to remind you that, oh yes, absolutely: this is just The Lion King, rendered in the most mind-boggling CG the House of Mouse has to offer.


Disney’s just dropped a new trailer for the film, which sees Simba (JD McCrary and Donald Glover) and taught about both the beauty and harsh realities of the circle of life by his father Mufasa (the returning James Earl Jones), before...well, you know the drill at this point. Hamlet in the Savannah. Death, betrayal, ousted princes, it’s all here, and there’s plenty of familiar shots and moments from the animated classic along for the ride too.

And yes, even a few strained opening strands of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight, just to hammer that familiarity home some more. A-weema-weh indeed.


The Lion King hits theaters July 19.

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