In The Game Of Thrones, You're Either Puff Daddy Or You're Not

In the most inevitable pop culture crossover of the decade, rapper Puff Daddy has finally followed his bliss and made a music video inspired by Game of Thrones. Frankly, I'm nothing but impressed at his restraint in taking so long to put himself on a replica of the Iron Throne.

The track's title is "I Want the Love," which might as well be Tyrion's season 4 theme song. Admittedly, other than the throne and a tiny dire wolf or two, it's pretty low-key — I weep for the missed opportunities. Diddy riding a dragon! Sexy ladies dressed like Daenerys! A guest appearance by Peter Dinklage in costume! DJ Hodor providing beats! Kanye West and Kim Kardashian lookalikes recreating the Red Wedding! Oh, the possibilities...


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