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In the Game of Gif Party, You Dance or Your Die

Everyone loves that Tyrion dancing gif, but we forget this gem from Jaime that happened just seconds before.
Image: HBO

It’s Friday, Game of Thrones is back, and we’re having a party. A gif party, to be precise! We’re celebrating the return of Game of Thrones, now on its eighth and final season. So sit yourself on the Iron Throne, grab yourself a glass of Cersei’s wine, and share your favorite gifs, because it’s Gif Party Time!


Leave your favorite party gifs in the comments below. Bonus points for Game of Thrones gifs—just make sure they don’t include any murder. This is a family show. Anyone who drops a Cersei drinking wine gif is getting “starred.” I don’t make the rules. Well, I do, and that’s the rule I made.

Image: HBO

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Did you say Gif Party!?!?!?!

With wine....?

Count me in! Though I can’t leave out Paul:

Or R2:

Oh, you meant Cersei drinking... I guess I can do that, because: