Illustration for article titled In The Futuristic Samson And Delilah, Will Robots Cut His Hair?

We're all for futuristic Biblical remakes, but Samson and Delilah? That's a tall order. But Warners is all set for this to be a possible tentpole flick.


WB shelled out a hefty seven-figure sum in a bidding war to acquire the rights to Samson, which is set in the future and retells the tale of strong-as-a-bull Samson, who's betrayed by his love Delilah. You remember: he falls asleep, she gives him a trim, and he loses all of his manly strength.

So how will it be futuristic? Not sure. Perhaps it'll be set in space and Delilah will be a robot. Scott Silver (8 Mile) is writing the script, and Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) will direct. [Variety]

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