Inspired by 'doctor fish' who feed off human skin, a South Korean industrial designer has conceived of a radical new way of cleaning clothes. Instead of using a traditional washing machine, fleets of robotic fish will clean your clothes in a water tank — and without detergent.

The system is called Pacera, and it was designed by Chan Yeop Jeong of Daegu University in South Korea for Electrolux.

Pacera is a collection of robotic fish called Dofi who are able to detect the dirt and grime on clothes through the use of mounted sensors. The cleaning is made by a suction motion against the dirt particles. Pacera would also employ an alkaline liquid jelly that splits and absorbs dirt molecules of fiber to sustainably make the fiber clean. What's more, the jelly will prevent oxidation and the discoloration of fiber.


This means that the Dofi will be able to clean clothes without having to use detergent — which is pretty awesome when you consider that detergent is a big problem for fish when dumped into the environment.

The system is suitable for all types of clothing, including delicates, and doesn't require wasteful multiple washing cycles. The system spin-dries and drains off the water from the clothes after cleaning.


[ h/t Walyou ]

Images: Electrolux Design Lab