In the future, you will defend your house with a robotic triceratops

At least that's what Japanese robotics company TMSUK wanted you to think. In 2002, TMSUK developed the Banryu ("Guard Dragon") line of mobile home security robots. They were priced at $18,840, but hey, a cyberatops guarded your house.

The Banryu bots were designed to patrol homes and photograph and would-be intruders using a camera installed in their snouts, but their plodding pace (3 meters a minute) made them questionably useful. TMSUK later created a zippier, 15-meter-per-minute Banryu model (that could also detect carbon monoxide leaks), but sadly the whole "cybernetic dinosaur home security" trend never really took off. Here's a video of one of the Banryu without its prehistoric skin.

[Via Plastic Pals]


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