In the future, women dominate the planet and men are just "seeders"

I don't think it's possible to overstate how awesome the movie America 3000 is. In the far future, women enslave men - until there's a love revolution!

Here's the setup: It's 900 years in the future, and humans live in a tribal culture in what remains of America. Women called fraws have somehow come to rule over men (called plugots). The fraws live in relatively nice towns while the men live like animals - or as "machos," labor slaves for the women. Some of the men are also "seeders," and I think you can guess what that means. But then one man learns to read, and figures out that men should be equal to women! As you can see in this "reading is power" scene below, this fine 1980s film comes to you from the winning team of Golan and Globus (AKA the Cannon Group) - always a sign of quality.

The frow who leads the women is called the tiara, and she decides to fight against the plugots - while also having to fight a rival tiara! Obviously, the frow with the biggest hair will win.

Meanwhile, our male hero breaks into the underground NORAD facility and gets some cool shiny clothing, a boom box, and a whole bunch of hand grenades.

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There's a bunch of fighting, and we learn more about seeders and machos and there is a ton of weird futuristic slang. I love that somebody actually took the time to do all this world building for a cheesy B-movie. For your pleasure, I've compiled a list of all the cool slang you will learn if you watch this film in its entirety.

America 3000 Partial Glossary

contams - the radioactive zone where nukes once hit
comb - town
frow or frol - woman
plugot - man
seeder - a man used for breeding
macho - a man used for labor
toy - a male eunuch used for amusement
tiara - leader of the frows
neggi - never or negative
woggos - crazy
plastic - super awesome
hot - intense (and if something is truly great, it's "hot plastic")
cold - bad or dead (a really bad thing is "cold neggi")
prezzie - the legendary President who will deliver us from awfulness
murka - America of yore (and of course it was full of murkans)
commies - Soviet Union of yore
scan - watch, show, or understand (as in, "Did you scan the cold frows?")

And that's only a partial list. Combine that with the absolutely amazing film score, crazy hairdos, and Cold War references, and you've got yourself a cult classic.

Finally after all the nuking and woggos tiaras and cold neggi, the war between the frows and the plugots comes to an end. Through love! Check out this hot plastic scene!

You know you need to see this movie. Learn more about it via IMDB, or hunt around on the internets to find a copy.



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Why did you not put this amazing poster here?

It seems to suggest America will be saved by their sasquatches. Go sasquatch!