Brooklyn-based Falkor Systems is building intelligent drones that will be able to follow you around, take pictures of you and tweet those pictures for all the world to see. In a sense, the flying robots will be like your very own robotic stalkers pets.

The Pet AR.Drone prototype uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically track its owner from a safe distance. In the video, the drone is programmed to follow the prominent graphic on the T-shirt of Falkor Systems CEO Sameer Parekh.


One useful application for the drones, Parekh says, will be in the world of extreme sports. For example, BASE jumpers could use the robots to record their daring cliff dives. The Pet AR.Drone could also be used for personal safety, he says โ€” turn the robot on while you're walking through a shady neighborhood or dark alley and it could call the police if you get mugged.

Parekh imagines that someday everyone will have their own personal drone, which will act sort of like a pet or servant. Of course, there are other, less benign uses for a drone that automatically follows people around and takes pictures of them.


Via Popular Science.