Appliance manufacturer Electrolux recently unveiled designs for the Heart of the Home, a giant touchscreen stove that will grace the next generation's kitchens. Sadly, there's no robotic maid included.

The Heart of the Home - which strongly resemble the tablet computers from Minority Report - will allow future chefs to fricassee with the touch of a finger. Electrolux hopes to have the multi-use device on the market within the next 40 years. According to an Electrolux representative:

One simply places one's ingredients on the surface. The appliance then analyses the ingredients and presents a list of suitable recipes. After deciding on a recipe, the user marks an area with his hand to determine how large the cooking area should be. Then the desired depth of the surface is created by simply pressing the hand against the malleable material. After achieving the required width and depth it's just a matter of setting temperature and time with a simple touch of a finger.


As you can see here, users mold the amorphous metal to cook and then use the surface to host dinner parties with their hip, cyber-yuppie friends. We hope this iStove comes with a lock mechanism, otherwise someone's going to get an elbowful of burner.

[via Telegraph UK]