Fun, creative, and hilariously dark, JohnnyExpress is a short from South Korean animation company Alfred ImageWorks that manages to pack a fantastic story into a runtime of just five minutes and twenty-six seconds. It takes about 1:45 to get to the big reveal, but you'll want to watch from the beginning. Trust us – you won't regret it.


Via Alfred ImageWorks:

It's 2150

There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space.
Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages.
Johnny is lazy and his only desire is to sleep in his autopilot spaceship.
when the spaceship arrives at the destination, all he has to do is simply deliver the box.
However, it never goes as planned. Johnny encounters strange and bizarre planets
and always seems to cause trouble on his delivery route.

Will he be able to finish his mission without trouble?


Pretty excellent, right? The short was written, directed and animated by Kyungmin Woo. We wouldn't be surprised if this started popping up on the awards circuit in the near future. Definitely the highest ratio of enjoyment to time-investment we've come across since this ten second masterpiece.

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