In the First Trailer for Voice in the Stone, Emilia Clarke Makes a Spooky House Call

Illustration for article titled In the First Trailer for iVoice in the Stone/i, Emilia Clarke Makes a Spooky House Call
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Spooky house. Spooky silent kid. Emilia Clarke’s got her work cut out for her if she’s going to make it out of Voice in the Stone without getting freaked the hell out.


News about Eric D. Howell’s adaptation of Silvio Raffo’s Italian supernatural/psychological horror story La Voce Della Pietra has been floating around pretty much since the Game of Thrones actress joined the project way back in 2014. Now, thanks to USA Today, we actually have the first trailer for the movie.


Clarke plays Verena, a nurse tasked with getting a young boy to talk again after the death of his mother in 1950s Tuscany. When the child starts getting out of control, Verena discovers there’s much more going on than a little kid acting out in grief—and that some malevolent force swirling about the household threatens to drive her insane. Probably a bit harder to deal with than fictional dragons in her day job, that.

Voice in the Stone is set to come out both in theaters and digitally April 28.

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Oh my Gawd there’s a LADY IN THE WALL!


On a more serious note, was that Amy Lee singing in the beginning there?