In the First Trailer for Connected, the Robocalypse (and Phones) Can't Stop This Family

Katie (Abbi Jacobson) explains why she likes using her phone.
Katie (Abbi Jacobson) explains why she likes using her phone.
Image: Sony Pictures (YouTube)
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If you weren’t on that damn smartphone all the time, the world wouldn’t be ending! Technology is the enemy in the first trailer for Connected, the latest film from producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, about a family road trip gone awry when the robot apocalypse arrives.


Sony revealed the first trailer for Connected, co-directed and written by Mike Rianda (Gravity Falls) and Jeff Rowe and produced by Lord and Miller, the guys behind The Lego Movie series and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The film stars Disenchantment’s Abbi Jacobson as Katie, a teenager who’s getting ready to leave for college—only to find her dad Rick (Danny McBride) has turned her departure into a road trip. And then things get weird...

Katie and Rick used to do all sorts of stuff together but the damn technological age got her and her brother addicted to smartphones, because lol those darn kids today. To get their children off their devices and bonding as a family, Rick and his wife Linda (Maya Rudolph) decide to tour the countryside to discover “real America.”

But there’s one problem: A group of robots have gone rogue, pulling a Bender Bending Rodriguez and declaring death to all humans. Will technology be their undoing, or can the family join together, device-free, and save the world? Don’t worry about the robocalypse: There’s an app for that.

Connected comes out on September 18.

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Casting Danny McBride when Rick is clearly based on John Goodman feels like a mistake.