In the First Teaser for Netflix's She-Ra, A Princess of Power Rises

She-Ra powers up in our first tiny glimpse of Princesses of Power.
Gif: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
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We’ve seen glimpses of Netflix and Dreamwork’s She-Ra reboot already, but now we finally have a glimpse at Adora in action.


Debuted by Teen Vogue today, the new teaser is slight, but it gives us a look at Adora finding out her true destiny and making a very good, Sailor Moon-style transformation into the legendary She-Ra herself.

Although there’s been a lot of grumbling about the aesthetic of the reboot, in what little action we get to see here, it looks great. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fight for the honor of Grayskull when the series lands on Netflix November 16.

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Looks fine.

I am sure people will react reasonably and with levels of emotions appropriate for a kid’s television show.