In the First Lucifer Season Four Trailer, Original Sin Brings the Devil to His Knees

Eve sporting her signature look.
Eve sporting her signature look.
Image: Netflix
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While Lucifer might not yet be a redeemed show, it’s found a second life on Netflix, where its upcoming fourth season is set to drop in early May. In the first full trailer for the new season, all’s generally well in Lucifer’s little self-made paradise, but all it takes is the return of an age-old love to knock the fallen prince right on his ass.


Inbar Lavi joins Lucifer’s cast as Eve, one half of the Original Sin (as it takes two hands to clap, after all), who comes back into Lucifer’s life quite out of the blue and makes quick work of convincing him to more fully embrace his dark inner nature.

All of Lucifer’s fourth season hits Netflix on May 8.

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