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In the First Look at Rick and Morty's Fifth Season, Rick Has a New Nemesis

Meet... Mr. Nimbus?
Meet... Mr. Nimbus?
Screenshot: Adult Swim/YouTube (Other)

He’s not Aquaman. He’s way more pathetic.

During yesterday’s Adult Swim San Diego Comic-Con panel, Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon appeared virtually to offer an update on the show, along with a new in-progress clip of the upcoming fifth season. The clip, showing the introduction to an unfinished episode of the show, follows Rick and Morty as they cross dimensions, contemplate mortality, crash into the ocean, and meet someone Rick really did not want to run into. Even for the show’s brisk plotting, it’s a lot to take in.

Mr. Nimbus, who bursts out of the ocean on a clamshell-like an Adult Swim parody of “The Birth of Venus, is, according to Rick, his nemesis, which will certainly come as a disappointment to every person, monster, and abstract concept that already considered itself the mad scientist’s nemesis. And while Mr. Nimbus, unimpressive lord of the oceans, certainly seems like he’s going to be entertaining, the highlight of the clip is Morty’s choice to call long-time crush Jessica as he careens toward very likely death. The two have a funny, insightful, and promising conversation, at the end of which it seems likely that, if the hapless boy can manage to survive this latest mishap, he might have an honest-to-God date lined up.


As for when we might see the completed version of this episode and the rest of season five, it’s not entirely clear. Harmon said that the writing on the season is complete, with production happening slowly via remote work. While that’s going on, the writing staff has moved on to scripting for season six.

No ballpark for release for either season—which together will make up an as-of-yet-undisclosed portion of the 60 episodes left on Cartoon Network’s hefty 70 episode orderwas mentioned, though the fifth certainly does seem to be coming together.


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I know something awful will happen before the ending of the episode that will ruin Morty’s prospects of a date with Jessica, but damn, I really wish the poor boy would get a break and enjoy a happy ending for a change.