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Say hello to the latest member of the CW’s roster of comic book heroes: Jefferson Pierce. But as the first trailer for Black Lightning shows, there’s dark times ahead for the titular character, as he chooses to don his mask once again after giving up on being a superhero for his family.

Released after the CW’s upfronts presentation today, our first look at Greg Berlanti’s next DC Comics show mainly comes from the perspective of Jefferson’s daughters—the family that begged him to forego his life as a superpowered vigilante years ago. But when both of them see gang violence on the rise, they, as well as Jefferson himself, realize that it’s time for Black Lightning to return.

The trailer is filled with intriguing hints—as well as a tease that, just like in the comics, Jefferson’s daughters will come to learn they too have superpowers. But it’s also a lot of action, showing that Black Lightning is gonna kick major butt. And unlike some of his fellow CW heroes, he’s got no qualms with some serious levels of violence to keep his city safe.


Black Lightning is set to air this Fall.

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