In the First Clip From Doctor Who's Impending Finale, Humanity Seems Pretty Boned

The Doctor offers to lend a hand over that whole “sorry I decided to let your future apocalypse happen” thing.
The Doctor offers to lend a hand over that whole “sorry I decided to let your future apocalypse happen” thing.
Image: BBC

Give a Cyberman a 19th century Romantic poet possessed by a biosynthetic strategic battle computer, and it’ll satiate its desire to kill humans for a day. Teach it how to use said biosynthetic strategic battle computer? It’ll satiate that desire for quite a foreseeable future.


The BBC has released the first clip from “Ascension of the Cybermen,” the first part of Doctor Who season 12's two-part, cyber-tastic finale. Picking up directly from the Doctor’s seemingly disastrous choice to ignore Captain Jack’s dire warning and give the last Cyberman in existence exactly what it wants, it brings us to a future where humanity is seemingly down to just a handful of people and the world has been turned into what basically looks like a tattered field in the British countryside somewhere—a move no doubt extremely beneficial to a sci-fi show shot on an ever-dwindling BBC budget.

Good job then that the Doctor’s here to help said last remnant of humanity fight off the impending Cyber-threat warping into the skies above! It’s the least she can do considering that, well, she’s basically responsible for their miserable situation anyway. Damned if you do, Doctor, damned if you don’t. At least you’ve got a bear of yourself you could cuddle for reassurance now?


Doctor Who’s end begins this Sunday, February 23, on BBC America and BBC One.

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I applaud the sophomore effort — after being very disappointed with series 11, the new cast and crew really found a footing. Still, I hope #13 will be given a truly stand out moment before it comes to a close. Whittaker is a great Doctor, but I’m afraid that if the director makes her squish her cheeks and turn up her lips one more time, her face will get stuck that way. When I think of the great moments that all the NuWho Doctor’s have had, it’s a shame that #13 hasn’t gone past the generally Doctorish stage.