In The First Allegiant Teaser, Tris' Messiah Complex Goes Up To 11

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Tris Prior is a complicated person in a crazy world. And this teaser trailer for Allegiant, the third movie in the Divergent series, shows you just how nutty it gets.

Actually, the first half of this teaser trailer is just a recap of the first two movies, in case you’ve forgotten all about how Tris was the only person in her world who had complex feelings and mental states, and how they tried to crush her individuality. And then, how her ability to access all of her complex interiority led (via a weird suspension fetish latex bodysuit experiment) to unlocking a message about the outside world. Yay!

And now, as the second half of the trailer shows, she and Four and the rest of their crew are finally going out into the wasteland beyond Chicago, which looks sorta like Mars. It’s so red, they have to wear red camouflage suits. There is a lot of fighty-splodey action, and then a man in a suit asks Tris if she’s ready to help save the world, now that she’s saved Chicago. Yay!


This looks like the double cheese pizza of teenage dystopian action that we’ve been waiting for. Although I can’t help noticing it’s called Allegiant, rather than Allegiant Part One. Did they abandon their plan to split the final book into two movies, Hunger Games-style? Or are they going to call the fourth movie (due in 2017) something else? Like, say, Nugent? The whole final movie could be Ted Nugent showing up and playing a concert for these kids now that they’ve survived and proved that they are individuals, man! Would watch.

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I read the series cuz I wanted to support a Chicago writer, but holy hell are they progressively terrible. The third book is particularly slight and aimless. I’m baffled as to how they plan on splitting so little story, so little consequence.