In the Extended Trailer for Agents of SHIELD's Next Season, Mack Gets Even More Genre Savvy

Image: ABC
Image: ABC

Our latest look at Agents of SHIELD’s fifth season is much like the first, in that it’s a delightful, joke-filled romp through space. But it also gives us some intriguing hints at what’s in store for Coulson and crew. The best part, though, is still the fact that Mack has suddenly become very meta about SHIELD’s latest adventure.

Revealed by Entertainment Weekly today, the new extended trailer has a lot of what we saw during the first TV spot that aired for season five, but with some interesting new shots. We get to see more of the blue-skinned Kree in action, and that creepy dude who knows who Coulson is from the first trailer also gets an extra line that makes his deal even creepier too, declaring himself a member of the “true believers” in Coulson. How on earth did Phil get a crazy space cult? He’s been awfully busy.


EW also makes a lot of hay about noticing which member of Team SHIELD is absent from the trailers we’ve seen so far, which would be poor Fitz. This seemingly implies that if the rest of the gang is up in space, maybe he isn’t. Or he is, and is in an even weirder scenario than being surrounded by mad humans and nasty alien dogs. But either way, an increasingly freaked out and genre savvy Mack is still the best gag in this whole trailer. The frustration in his voice when he respond’s to Coulson’s reveal in space that it’s “The one thing we haven’t done yet” is perfectly delivered.

Agents of SHIELD finally returns to wipe away the gritty aftertaste of Inhumans on December 1.

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Good god, this looks amazing. How is it that Inhumans looked like shit and yet Agents of SHIELD, with practically the same budget, made a goddamn space opera and made it look cinematic?