This is the greatest scene in cinematic history. A dystopian overlord is getting his face whacked with a flogger by his personal dominatrix, when a hapless underling interrupts him. So the dominatrix teaches him a lesson... with fists and nipples.


This priceless moment of cinematic greatness comes from the movie Battle Queen 2020, which might just be the Mad Max of low-budget softcore porn films. A meteor has struck the Earth, plunging us all into a new ice age. Everybody lives in terrible squalor (in what looks like the director's garage), except for a handful of lucky guys who are Teh Rulerz of this post-apocalyptic world. They have a handful of gorgeous women on hand to cater to their whims, including Priscilla the Dominatrix.

Sadly, this scene does not have the movie's star, Julie Strain, in it. But it does have one of the most hilarious exchanges ever, between Evil Overlord and Hapless Flunky. "You KNOCK at the door! Do NOT apologize! DEFEND yourself!" It's all so beautiful, the final nipple impalement is just sort of the cherry on top.


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