Because... cars? And racing? And it’s for kids, I guess? I gotta tell you, I’m really in the weeds on understanding the world of Cars. This trailer has mooing tractors and it’s honestly more confusing than AP Physics ever was.

I really wish I could just see this movie as Pixar’s take on the usual “older but smarter” versus “young but faster” battle. But every single release about this movie has been accompanied by a sliver of weirdness I can’t get over. For example: Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) is supposed to be a younger car with better technology, so he’s faster than old McQueen (Owen Wilson). But does that mean cars build new cars in this world? Or are baby cars born and they’re just evolving at a very fast rate? Is this a world of car eugenics?

This time, we’ve got mooing tractors. Does that mean tractors are herd animals for the cars? Are they milked? Eaten? WHAT IS THIS WORLD?


Edit: I mean, I know they’re tipped, but, other than this joke, what actual purpose do they serve?

I know this is “for kids” and all, but I can’t get over how weird this world is. Beyond that, the part where the Nathan Fillion businesscar pitches McQueen on life as a corporate shill feels... not for kids at all. So if it’s not for kids and the logic breaks the brains of adults, what is this movie?

We’ll find out June 16, I guess.