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Sam Worthington is a bad mutha (shut yo mouth). Can you dig it? But seriously, after watching steely eyed Worthington stare down the press at the Terminator: Salvation panel, I now believe that he could take down our beloved Christian Bale in the bad-assery department. How can this be? Click through to find out my reasons, including some T4 speculation. First of all, you know that Christian Bale will nail the gritty reality that is John Connor in a world torn apart by robots. (He even grew a goatee!) But what they won't see coming is Sam Worthington playing Marcus, he's got the element of surprise, you don't know what to make of him. Worthington has beaucoup respect for his adversary Bale, which makes me want to root for him even more. In the trailer that was played at Con, you get to see Marcus and Connor do a fantastic back and forth (pictured above). As far as I can tell they're both holding their own, but Marcus has totally unnerved Connor and you can see the man struggle to decide what to do, while Marcus tells Connor he doesn't give a fuck who he is. It's a tough call on who's better in this amazing game of angry bantering gay chicken, but I like that Marcus gets Connor so unhinged. If the T4 spoilers are correct Worthington's role should eclipse the John Connor story, opening the door for Worthington to walk out of T4 as the biggest bad-ass the Terminator story line has ever seen. But of course McG denies that those spoilers are even remotely true. I guess it will all come down to who will make you squee more when you see them punch a robot in the face.

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