Illustration for article titled In “The Abaddon,” meet the literal roommates from Hell in the apartment you can never leave

Every apartment has its quirks, but the spacious dig of webcomic The Abaddon would send even the most desperate urban dweller screaming for the suburbs. Plus, the roommates want to kill each other but can't make the killing stick.


Koren Shadmi's The Abaddon is gorgeous and eerie from the start. Ter enters a strange apartment thinking he's answered an ad for an open house. But everything is a bit off. Ter can barely remember his name (in fact, no one in the apartment can recall theirs beyond a single syllable). His hostess, Bet, alludes to the fact that she never changes her clothes. And Ter himself has a suspicious bandage covering his head. But it isn't until he agrees to move in that Ter begins to understand the supernatural nature of his new home.

The apartment, it turns out, is a place where physical acts have no consequence. Flicking the light switch, for example, does nothing to turn out the lights. Acts of creation and violence are temporary (although they can leave a lasting emotional mark). And of course, no one can actually leave the place.


So has Ter found himself in the webcomic sequel to No Exit? How did he get here in the first place? And what happened to the old roommate, the one who disappeared before Ter arrived?

[The Abaddon]

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