Illustration for article titled In the 1950s, Mickey Mouse shilled amphetamines to Africa

In the 1950s, the recreational use of amphetamines like Benzedrine and Dexedrine was legal, and even Disney characters got in on the uppers game. In the following comic, Mickey and Goofy go to Africa to sell crank. It transcends wrong. The comic, which was available for 15 cents and one Wheaties box top, depicts Mickey and Goofy guzzling Peppo (a speed-laced bromide), signing up to be Peppo pitchmen (while stumbling through a drug-fueled miasma), and going to Africa (where the locals live in trees, à la the Berenstein Bears). Also, Mickey breaks into the king's house and pours upper-tonic down his throat as he sleeps. Oof!


[Erowid via All That's Interesting]


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