In Star Trek: Discovery Season 3's First Clip, Michael Burnham Crash Lands Into the Future

Michael’s in for a bumpy ride.
Michael’s in for a bumpy ride.
Image: CBS
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Star Trek: Discoverys third season is beaming in hot next week, depositing our heroes in a future unlike anything they’ve seen before—even with last season’s timey-wimey angelic shenanigans. But the landing is going to be a little bumpy for our heroes.


Just dropped as part of New York Comic-Con’s Star Trek Universe panel, CBS has revealed one more look at the show before we actually get to start watching it—our first look at the Discovery being flung into the year 3188.

Not just giving us a bumpy landing for Michael, as she zooms in wearing her angel suit, bounces off ships, and begins a nasty crash-landing, we also get our first look at one of the mysterious new characters arriving this season: David Ajala’s Book, who will become a big point of contact for Michael and the Discovery as they re-acclimatize to this future. Beyond, y’know, Michael pinging herself off his ship mid-chase.

He has a cat! His name’s Grudge. We love him already.

Star Trek: Discovery’s third season begins on CBS All Access October 15.

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Can we be real? This whole season is basically just gonna be Andromeda.