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I'll just say it up front: I'm a fan of hollow Earth stories like Journey to the Center of the Earth, and I am also (unrelatedly) a fan of ukelele music. Which is why I was flabbergasted to discover that somebody is writing a musical novella that's a hollow Earth story. To get a taste of the uke sound, click the little play button below. If you like it, throw a few bucks to the author and illustrator of this soon-to-be story!


Click to view Here's what the author says about Linda:

LINDA is a novella and song cycle written by me, Karinne Keithley Syers, that will be serialized on from June to November, 2011. Each installment will have 2 chapters of the book, an original illustration by Rascal Jace Smith [those are Rascal's expressive bears above], and an original song by me. At the end of the project, I'll print a limited edition hand made book of the illustrated LINDA.

The story itself hovers between the fiction of Linda's adventures in hollow earth and the process of trying to imagine Linda. It is made of a season's devotion to holding in mind this imaginary friend.


You can learn more, and donate, on Kickstarter!

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