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In Search of the Ultra-Sex is Basically All of the Weirdest Porn Movies Rolled Into One [NSFW]

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This is kind of bizarre. French pop-art stars Nicolas et Bruno have edited together a ton of the world’s most bizarre porn movies into one X-rated comedy epic called In Search of the Ultra-Sex, overdubbed with their silly voices. Warning: Video is NSFW!


Off-hand, In Search of the Ultra-Sex combines footage from Edward Penishands, Space Thing, some weird Asian movies, and a few other bizarre porn classics, tied together with a weird plot about searching for a substance called “The Ultra-Sex,” before everybody on Earth is turned into nymphomaniacs.

More proof that once you remix trash culture, it becomes high art—In Search of hte Ultra-Sex had its premiere at Le Palais de Tokyo, a prestigious art museum, and got a fancy write-up in Le Monde. But to be fair, Space Thing and Edward Penishands were always art. [via Daily Beast]


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Reminds me a bit of “What’s Up, Tiger Lily”.