In Sarah and the Seed webcomic, a woman gives birth to a giant seed instead of a baby

Illustration for article titled In emSarah and the Seed/em webcomic, a woman gives birth to a giant seed instead of a baby

When an older woman becomes pregnant, there are always a lot of concerns. Will the baby be born healthy? Will the labor be difficult? In Ryan Andrews' short and sweet webcomic Sarah and the Seed, a woman's pregnancy results in something her husband never thought to worry about: a giant seed.


Sarah and the Seed is a self-contained webcomic in five parts that explores the fears of pregnancy, especially when that pregnancy is unexpected. After years of trying failing to have children, aging Sarah finally becomes pregnant. Her shocked husband frets over the health of the baby, but Sarah has an easy labor and gives birth to a perfectly healthy baby seed. Her husband is horrified, but Sarah is perfectly content with her hard-shelled offspring, and goes about planting and tending to her child.

Sarah and the Seed manages to pull off a strange combination; it's at once sweet and unnerving. Even as you suspect that Sarah's right in her confidence that everything will turn out alright, it's easy to sympathize with her husband's sense of dark dread. And, though the ending seems inevitable, Andrews manages to hang on to a bit of suspense through his long and dark canvases.


[Sarah and the Seed]

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I think I've found the culprit.