In San Francisco? Want to watch Star Trek: TNG on the big screen on Thursday?

Illustration for article titled In San Francisco? Want to watch emStar Trek: TNG/em on the big screen on Thursday?

We still have a few pairs of tickets to give away for this Thursday evening's screening of two classic Star Trek: The Next Generation in San Francisco — including the never-before-seen extended cut of "The Measure of a Man." It appears that our cunning plan of getting to write essays about their love of Dr. Pulaski didn't work out so well — so if you're in San Francisco and want a ticket, just email me at The first few people to email get tickets. And I'm still planning on being at the Irish Chieftain on 5th St. at 5:30 PM Thursday, if you want to have a drink beforehand.


Update: Tickets are gone now. Thanks!

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Pulaski = Worst Star Trek CMO. I'd rather have Phlox. He may be a bit chatty but at least he isn't racist.