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Kiddies, I remember the days when flying penises could only attack public figures in virtual world Second Life. Who doesn't remember the day when virtual real estate mogul Anshe Chung, the richest lady in Second Life, was attacked during a virtual press conference by giant virtual penises (left)? Clearly, Russian protesters haven't forgotten. A group of pro-government rabble-rousers sent a peniscopter (right) into the air recently during an anti-Putin speech from former chess champ and political activist Victor Kasparov.

Over at, Andy Baio wonders if this was a tribute to the infamous Second Life protest, or if it's just that griefers all think alike.


I prefer to think it was the visionary act of cutting-edge futurists who were inspired by the amazing example of Second Life. Just proves that the real world is being affected by all that beautiful inventiveness in the virtual world. I mean, peniscopters! It's the kind of genius that we'd never be exposed to if we couldn't let our imaginations roam free in virtual worlds. I feel more liberated already. Now if only somebody would make a swarm of these things. We could call it . . . cockswarm. Thanks, Eliot!

Kasparov Griefed by Flying Penis [via Waxy]


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