In Rememory, Peter Dinklage Dives Into a Dead Man's Memories to Solve a Murder

Image: Still via Entertainment Weekly
Image: Still via Entertainment Weekly
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At Sundance earlier this year, Mark Palansky (A Series of Unfortunate Events) premiered his new scifi thriller, Rememory—and now we finally have a look at it ourselves. It’s everything you want from the idea of Peter Dinklage solving memory crime.

Set in a near-future America, Rememory follows the death of a famed inventor (Martin Donovan) in the wake of his creation of a machine that can allow users to extract and view memories. Claiming to be tasked by the inventor’s wife (Julia Ormond), a mysterious man played by Peter Dinklage steals the machine in order to use it to hunt down the inventor’s killer, re-experiencing the lives of those closest to him through the machine.


On top of the thrill of the chase, it seems like things are going to go pretty wrong very quickly for Dinklage’s character—not just as his investigation ramps up, but because the memory-reliving machine is slowly messing up his mind, leading to hallucinations and other grim side effects. Still, Peter Dinklage solving scifi crime is something that’s very intriguing to watch unfold.

Rememory will make its worldwide debut on, of all things, Google Play August 24, before getting a limited theater release from September 8.

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Wow, coming with an inventive idea like that must have taken a lot of “brainstorming”...

It should be unforgettable...