In Quibi's The Stranger, Dane DeHaan Is a Terrifying Killer

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Quibi, Quibi, you odd beast. High production quality, tiny episodes. A new format for television, or a bizarre experiment? I honestly have no idea. But I do know that some of the shows coming out for it are a little intriguing.


Like The Stranger, which has strong American Psycho vibes and slasher energy. Starring Maika Monroe (Honey Boy) and Dane DeHaan (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets), it’s very much a story of an Uber pickup gone terribly wrong. Turns out, DeHaan’s character is a serial killer, and now he’s unleashing his creepiest gazes and worst threats at Monroe’s character. From director Veena Sud (The Lie), this could be a trashy slasher with a stereotypical plot and progression, or it could grow into something more compelling.

Either way, DeHaan plays a compelling creep. I’d check out at least ten minutes of this just to see him mug for the camera for a while. The Stranger comes to Quibi in April.

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