In Patient Zero, Matt Smith Has an Interview With a Zombie (and an American Accent)

Stan Tucci and Matt Smith, having a conversation at the end of the world.
Stan Tucci and Matt Smith, having a conversation at the end of the world.
Image: Sony Pictures
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Oh, and the zombie (or rather “Infected” rage-monster) just happens to be a worryingly smart Stanley Tucci. Yeah, humanity looks pretty boned.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where the remnants of humanity hold out against the angry, faux-zombie hordes created by a massively virulent disease, Patient Zero is an upcoming movie which stars Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer as desperate survivors looking to find a vaccine for the rage-plague afflicting the world. To do so, they need to find the first victim of the virus, and they go about it with a secret weapon: Smith’s character, who was infected with the virus but didn’t succumb to it, allowing him to communicate with the snarling not-zombies:

Which seems like a grand idea until Tucci’s infected character shows up as an articulate, smart, and altogether more cunning creature than the previously encountered infected. One who, gasp, thinks it’s the humans that are a disease that needs curing. Curing with zombie bites!


Matt Smith’s... interesting American accent aside, it’s a relatively intriguing twist on the typical zombie premise. But really, the appeal here is Tucci playing a weirdly charming quasi-undead villain while Smith and Dormer deal with the proverbial shit hitting the proverbial fan over and over again. Sign us up for Stanley Tucci, Zombie Mastermind, any day of the week!

Patient Zero wiill be released digitally August 14, before getting a limited theatrical run beginning September 14.

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SPOILER: Turns out there was no “rage virus” and it was just Twitter.