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In Our Tiny Corner of the Universe, 2009 Has Arrived

Illustration for article titled In Our Tiny Corner of the Universe, 2009 Has Arrived

It is time to celebrate the complete revolution of our planet around the sun by assigning to it an arbitrary number based on a Western belief system. Happy New Year, humans!


What you're seeing here is the launch on December 20 of the Ariane rocket from Kourou space center in French Guiana. Its payload was two Eutelsat communications satellites, Hot Bird 9 and W2M. Hot Bird 9 will beam television signals to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa while W2M will service central and eastern Europe as well as Indian Ocean islands.

We're sleeping today. But we'll be back tomorrow!

If you need a little reading material, check out the io9 2008 year in review!

Photo via MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images.

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Annalee Newitz

Changed the word "myth" to "belief system," which is what I meant. It's true that I don't believe in a Christian God, but it is not my intent to alienate or offend anybody who does.