In No-A, A Robot Risks Everything For Its Creator

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No-A is a short student film directed by Liam Murphy. In it, a hulking robot risks everything to save its creator from an army of faceless soldiers. It’s a really neat CGI film with some really outstanding designs in it.


Overall, this feels like a bit of a sliver from a much larger story, and I hope that the creators and production team will add onto the story and continue it in another short film or maybe a longer feature. It seems like there’s a lot more story to uncover.

I’ve said it before, but the generation of filmmakers putting together shorts like this (and others) are going to be leading the charge in the coming years and decades in the movie industry. Student films like this make me really optimistic that what we’ll get in that time will be really exciting.

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That’s some serious dedication and commitment right there.

I’m talking of course about the faceless soldier who propped himself up and made that headshot after being body slammed by a robot gorilla. Most faceless minions would have just said “Welp, multiple broken bones, possible internal bleeding and concussion, I’m out.” and lay there very quietly waiting for medical evac, but not that dude.

I salute you faceless minion guy, you didn’t need to give more than 35% effort and a few potshots at the heroes as they got away, but you went the extra mile.