In Marvel's Comics, the Inhumans Are About to Become the X-Men's Biggest Enemy

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Ever since Marvel announced an Inhumans movie, the superpowered sub-race has gotten an increasingly prominent role in the comics... even in comparison to the similar plight of the X-Men. But it looks like new developments are about to make Inhuman-kind Mutant Enemy Number One.


We’ve known for a while that when Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” universe made its debut, the 8 month flash-forward would include a tumultuous event that would set the Mutants at odds with the Inhumans, after years of co-operation due to their similarly disenfranchised existences as outcasts. We didn’t know the reason why, but we do now... and it’s really, really bad news for the X-Men.

There’s been teasers in issues of Ms. Marvel recently that a newly released batch of pure Terrigen Mist—the gaseous substance that awakens Inhumans to their true selves and gain powers, as well as sometimes forcing them to undergo drastic transformations— was making mutants ill. But new lettered panels from the first issue of Extraordinary X-Men accompanying a recent IGN interview writer Jeff Lemire detailing the return of Mr. Sinister to the same comic actually confirms it, in a message Storm gives to the young, time-displaced Jean Grey:

Illustration for article titled In Marvels Comics, the Inhumans Are About to Become the X-Mens Biggest Enemy

It confirms an even more dire state for Mutantkind—not just is this new Terrigen Mist creating more Inhumans as it normally does, it’s toxic to Mutants. It’s not just poisoning mutants and slowly killing them, it’s sterilising them too. Inhuman numbers are on the rise, while Mutants are slowly being pushed to extinction, in an editorial move that I’m absolutely positive has nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

No wonder the X-Men are pissed.

[Image Via IGN]

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Wait where have I seen this storyline before? Oh thats right Scarlet Witch’s whole no more Mutants thing which they played off for years until AvX.

That more than anything makes me more mad that they are just recycling that storyline. I really hope the rumor that at some point the Xmen go into space is true because that would be more interesting than seeing them rehash the same storyline so soon.

Still a bit annoyed people still think this has anything to do with the MCU. Mutants have always been at their best when they have been overt oppression, yet in this day an age of Marvel comics its getting harder to justify how the mutants get treated so badly especially when New York essentially shrugged when Inhumans took over part of the city after Inifity.