In Kick, A Bollywood Superhero Rides A Motorcycle AND A Bicycle

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Plus one of those three-wheeled tuk-tuks. Basically, anything with two or three wheels, this superhero is a demon on. I love that one of the huge "wow" stunts in this trailer is him riding his bicycle in front of a speeding train... then jumping off the bike and walking out of the train's path.


In Kick, it appears that the Devil is traveling around wreaking havoc, notably with a lot of buses and helicopters, and only this masked hero can stop him. But how do you fight Satan? Probably with some amazing dance routines — my favorite part of this amazing trailer is the bus/helicopter sequence, intercut with some Flashdance-esque dance-acrobatics. Can this movie possibly live up to Krrish 3? We'll find out soon.

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Still my favorite all time Bollywood action scene.