In Japan, the most dangerous beast of the animal kingdom is the lost cosplayer

Earlier this week, officials at the Tama Zoo in Tokyo ran a tiger containment drill based on the premise that a Siberian tiger had escaped during an earthquake.

To simulate the roaming cat, officials put some unlucky soul in a fur suit and corralled him with nets and a simulated tranquilizer dart. Sure, it's easy to catch a tiger when it's confused by its unfamiliar environs. What would really be a challenge is if "the tiger" suddenly evolved the mental faculties of a human and commandeered one of those zoo golf carts. Trust me, vainglorious zookeepers across the globe are woefully unprepared for that day.


As Pink Tentacle points out, cosplay zoo drills are not an entirely uncommon occurrence in Japan — previous escaped animals have included a polar bear (who faux-mauls some employees) and the world's most uncoordinated rhinoceros.

See also: Japan's Silver Cat, a feline body-snatcher.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

An alternative explanation is that the guys old boss offered him money to dress up as a tiger and get darted.