Every spring, San Francisco is host to an international robot competition known as the RoboGames, featuring tests of strength and skill. This year RoboGames is April 23-25, and organizers have joined forces with io9 to sponsor a robot art contest.

Here are the details on our official quick and dirty Robot Art Contest:

1. Contest begins this second, and ends April 21 at noon PST. Nothing submitted after April 21 at noon will be considered.


2. The theme is "We welcome our new robot overlords."

3. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to create an original work of concept art on that theme. You can use traditional illustration techniques, CGI, photo manipulation, whatever.

4. Upload the finished images in comments, below. (Here's a quick tutorial on uploading images.) Please include a link to a 1000-pixel or wider version of your image hosted elsewhere (for example on Deviant Art or Flickr) so we can see it embiggened for full effect.


Judges and Prizes!

Judges will include myself, robot artist Nemo Gould, and RoboGames organizers Simone Davalos and David Calkins. Prizes generously provided by RoboGames are:

1st - Bioloid Bug ($99 value)
2nd - RoboGames T-shirts
3rd - RoboGames trading cards


Plus, your awesome art will be featured on io9!

Free Stuff for Everybody!

If you aren't a robot artist but would like to go to RoboGames from April 23-25, we've got io9 discount for Bay Area readers! $7 off ticket price if you buy them via this link.


Here's a sampling of the kinds of stuff you can see at RoboGames:

Top image via RoboGames.


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