As part of the marketing for the Phase 2 Box Set, Marvel released a deleted scene from Thor: The Dark World included in the set. In it, an imprisoned Loki uses his illusions to make him King of Asgard. Which means, basically, he makes himself Thor. Red cape and Mjolnir included.

The thing that really stands out is just how deleted this deleted scene is. They clearly figured out early that it didn’t work, since you can easily tell that this wasn’t finished and then cut for time. For one thing, the Asgard visual effects aren’t finished. For another, you can see all the tape marks on the set. And for the last, they didn’t even bother to have Rene Russo film her lines as Frigga.


Cutting it was a great call, because there’s something hilarious and just too campily desperate about this particular daydream of Loki’s.

[Wall Street Journal]

Top image: Still from deleted scene

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