This exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from upcoming scifi comedy Gentlemen Broncos features star Mike White, director Jared Hess and writer Jerusha Hess talking the crucial hairstyle brainstorming process. Plus Jemaine Clement does scifaiku.

If you haven't checked out Jemaine Clement's insane take on a fantasy writer at his lowest level, so low he steals a story from a student in the Gentlemen Broncos trailer please do - because if that doesn't get you, Sam Rockwell's super reindeer tank surely will.


Also there's this hilarious and low-effort contest going on with Jemaine Clement and scifaikus. Enter your own scifaiku and the winner will be read by Jemaine Clement, in character as Dr. Ronald Chevalier, at the premiere of Gentlemen Broncos at Fantastic Fest, which is pretty grand.

Gentlemen Broncos will be in theaters on October 30.