In Desperation, Ukraine Separatists Try To Restart a WWII Tank

If pro-Russian forces in Ukraine are going to be successful in redrawing the map of Europe, they're going to need some heavy equipment — like this 1943-vintage Soviet tank. Watch — or rather listen — as they try to get this relic going.


For you history buffs, that's an IS-3, where the IS stands for Iosif (or Joseph) Stalin. Designed as a breakthrough tank that fired a heavy high-explosive shell, it was put into service very late in the war. In fact, it was used as a spearhead in the Battle of Berlin (April-May 1945).


As for this particular tank, it's it's been resting on a stone pedestal as a monument in the town of Kostiantynivka.

DefenseTech reports:

The press agency of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic said that "Our craftsmen have managed to start the engine of the IS-3 tank displayed on a platform in a park," ITAR-Tass said. "The tank is being prepared and will engage in combat soon."

Videos of the startup circulating on YouTube suggested that the 12-cylinder, 520-horsepower engine might need some work before it can rumble off the park's pedestal. The engine screeched and strained, belching out clouds of black smoke before it was shut down.

Yup, sounds like it could use some engine oil.

[ via DefenseTech ]


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Sounds like it's making the same sadly amusing whirring, sputtering noise the Millennium Falcon made when the crew tried the hyperdrive for the first time after escaping Bespin. Only I don't think the separatists have an R2-D2 unit handy to fix it.