In DC's Bombshells, Batwoman Messes Up Batman's Origin in the Best Way

When DC announced that their series of World War II, pin-up style takes on their cadre of female heroes was getting a comic, we couldn’t wait to see some of comic’s coolest ladies swing into action—and now we’ve got a taste of just how great it is with a new, Batman-filled preview. Well, sort of Batman-filled.


Yes, Bombshells #1, set in 1940, may return to the iconic moment where the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents sets the young Bruce on the path to being Batman (a moment so often revisted in comics and other superhero media) but it at least this comic shakes it up a little by making it just another day in the career of Batwoman.

...who is literally also a bat-woman, in her baseball career for Gotham’s home team when she’s not saving the day.


This is great. I’ll take a baseball bat-wielding Batwoman over having to watch poor Bruce Wayne sob over the bodies of his dead parents for the umpteenth time any day of the week. Especially a Batwoman being retold in the slightly camp, retro styling of an old-fashioned newsreel.


Want to see more? The first issue of Bombshells, written by Marguerite Bennett, with art from Marguerite Sauvage, is currently available on plenty of digital platforms ahead of a physical comic book debut on August 12th.[MTV via Newsarama]

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