In Dark Phoenix's Final Trailer, Jean Grey Sings Her Swansong

Jean Grey living her best life.
Image: Fox/Disney
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With Dark Phoenix, Fox’s years-long X-Men franchise is coming to an end and, judging from the film’s final trailer, the conclusion to Jean Grey’s story is going to be as devastating as it is long overdue.


While the latest trailer features a number of scenes that we’ve seen before, there are a number of new glimpses of characters like Quicksilver and Magneto that further explain the situation leading to the X-Men making first contact with the force that gives birth to the Phoenix.

Even though they’re working in coordination with NASA, traveling into space to save astronauts is something the X-Men are (judging from their lack of proper space suits) woefully unprepared for and when a freak accident leaves Jean in the vacuum and vulnerable to the cosmic energies hurtling towards Earth, the other mutants are helpless to do anything but look on in horror.

The trailer also establishes that Jean’s “Phoenix” monicker is something that the other students at Xavier’s school come up with for her after she seemingly dies and comes back to life, suggesting that Dark Phoenix’s plot might be a little more grounded and less like the comics than Fox has let on in the past. Whoever Jessica Chastain is playing (we still don’t know) doesn’t apparently have a name for what Jean’s becoming, and from the looks of things, there might be a sequence involving Jean killing Scott Summers (again).

Listen. No one’s ever been the biggest fan of live-action Scott Summers (he’s never had much to do), but it feels as if Dark Phoenix is getting dangerously close to borrowing ideas from X-Men: The Last Stand, which...would be less than ideal. But who knows? Dark Phoenix might surprise us all before engulfing us in flames when it hits theaters on June 7.

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Angrier Geek

but it feels as if Dark Phoenix is getting dangerously close to borrowing ideas from X-Men: The Last Stand,

Please tell me this is sarcasm, because from day one this has looked like the same guy remaking that film. i09 even posted how someone overlaid the trailer for X-Men: The Last Stand with the sound from Dark Phoenix and it basically fit.

If anything this trailer being so different from the others suggests they finally realized it looked that way and are trying to change that because they know no one wants to see X-Men: The Last Stand again.

The only question is how do they squeeze Wolverine into this. Come on! You know they’re gonna try!