In Cutezilla, Your City Has Been Destroyed By Giant Adorable Animals

The film geeks over at Dissolve like to show off their wares by making awesome shorts with nothing but stock footage and some Photoshopperie. Such is the case with Cutezilla, which is possibly the greatest movie about giant puppies, squirrels and turtles ever made. It will definitely brighten your afternoon.


You may remember Dissolve's first stock footage film, the rather disturbing This Is a Generic Brand Video.


Check them out at Dissolve.

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SyFy, if you make something like this for a SyFy original movie, I'll let you choose which of the following I forgive:

  • The stupid new name
  • Killing SGU just as it was hitting its stride
  • Everything related to the rushed, haphazard nature of Caprica, including, but not limited to: The finale that crammed about three season's worth of ideas into 45 minutes of clusterfuck, insisting that it be a BSG show rather than original content, and milking 5 different DVD purchases out of 2 fucking seasons of TV with your nonsensical half-season gimmick plus selling the finale separately before it aired in the U.S.
  • Pro Wrestling and reality shows (not counting the makeup and special effects shows that I occasionally hear a good thing or two about and thus probably don't need forgiveness).