In “Cucumber Quest,” a funny thing happens on the way to Hogwarts

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The night before Cucumber leaves for magic school, he receives a mysterious missive from his father, launching him on an increasingly absurd adventure. But what's the danger? And why can't Cucumber's heroic sister go in his stead?

Gigi Digi's Cucumber Quest is a playful poke at the conventions of heroic boy fantasy stories. Cucumber is about to head off to Puffington's Academy for the Magically Gifted and/or Incredibly Wealthy, when he receives a letter from his father at the royal palace. All Cucumber wants to do is go to school, but all the adults around him tell him he must embark on this coming-of-age quest.

With its bunny protagonist and colorblock artwork, it would be easy to think Cucumber Quest is a children's comic, and in fact it is so far kid-friendly. But its sly moments sneak up you, and will be appreciated by anyone who ever questioned the logic of certain epics. Is that sorceress/witch/protector of the world really omniscient, or just nosy? For that matter, why doesn't the sorceress/witch/protector of the world save the world instead of a little boy? And why should the little boy be the one fated to save the world? And why does everyone insist he's fated to save the world, especially when his sister Almond is far more qualified for the task?


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I know io9 has featured webcomics before but is it just a whenever sort of thing? I will be reading this when finals.