In Comic-Land, All Zombies Must Re-Die!

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What's hot on the shelves this Wednesday? DC and Marvel wrapping up their big undead crossovers, Zack Whedon from Dr. Horrible penning the adventures of Kyle Reese, and Spidey vs. the Juggernaut. It's Comics We Crave! Aim for the head!


First things first: Marvel and DC are both interring two zombie-themed mega-events. Blackest Night 8 pits Sinestro the Eggshell Lantern against the necrotic Nekron, and the X-Universe's "Night of the Living Mutants" event Necrosha wraps in X-Force 25. The X-Men are also kicking off their newest multi-title crossover with X-Men: Second Coming 1. Will the mysterious red-haired mutant Hope be the reincarnation of Jean Grey or Dark Phoenix or (facepalm) Madelyne Pryor?

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Depending on your four-panel preferences, other notables this week may include:
- Detective Comics 863: Jock and Cully Hamner on art? Yes, please.
- Jack of Fables 44: Hard to quibble with more Babe the Blue Ox.
-Transformers 5: Fans of Don Figueroa art, take note.
- Amazing Spider-Man 627: I'm a sucker for Spidey vs. Juggernaut tales.
- Rasl 7: Jeff Smith returns!
- Green Hornet 2: Kevin Smith is on pens.
- Terminator 2029 1: Zack Whedon from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along pits Kyle Reese against old-school Terminators. If you wish Team Whedon had nabbed the Terminator franchise, this is your fix.

As far as bookshelf fare goes, there's a hardcover collection of Steve Ditko's classic Creeper tales and a new hardcover of Warren Ellis' Iron Man run. It's the "Extremis" arc, so if you ever wanted to embellish your coffee table with some sweet Adi Granov art, now's the time.

Fantagraphics is releasing a noteworthy bundle of books. We got two character-centric Love and Rockets trades from Los Bros Hernandez. Gilbert's releasing a Fritz collection ("High Soft Lisp") and Jamie has a Penny-centric trade ("Penny Century"). French comic artist Jacques Tardi's acclaimed WWI epic It Was the War of the Trenches debuts in English hardcover, too.

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What's MY PICK OF THE WEEK? $1 first issue reprints! Marvel is releasing a $1 reprint of Garth Ennis' Punisher: MAX 1 and Image is printing $1 copies of Walking Dead 1 and Youngblood 1. Foist a ton of copies on your non-comics-reading compadres and brainwash the shit out of them! Walking Dead is your best bet, what with the AMC series and Frank Darabont and the dude from Hackers.


You can find the rest of the week's releases here and your local comic book purveyor here. And remember the math: ten $1 comics + five $2 bottles of Thunderbird + unwitting peers = a paltry Andrew Jackson, a night of fun, and a new batch of life-long comic junkies.

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Pneumatic Man

Okay, I saw Colossus on the cover of X-Men there and I want to know:

Which mutants are ACTUALLY DEAD as of this post? I think this is the reason why I can never get into multi-series superhero books anymore; it's impossible to keep the continuities straight.