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In Case You'd Forgotten How Awesome The Faculty Was...

...there are a bunch of clips on Youtube. Like this one, where the plucky high school students shoot the Principal in the head and then cause her to melt into a puddle of fizzy goop. There's also Jon Stewart's "eye sore," and the head on tentacles. And more!


I had to subscribe to HBO this month, because Game of Thrones, and last night they were showing The Faculty. I meant to watch only a minute or two, but wound up being glued to my seat until it was over. This film is way more fun than I'd remembered, thanks to a snarky script by Kevin Williamson and direction by Robert Rodriguez.

Here's Jon Stewart as a teacher who has an eye problem:

Here's the head that's got a mind of its own:

And here's the great scene where the alien queen is revealed:

If you haven't watched The Faculty in its entirety, there does happen to be a weekend coming up, including one day which is known as 4/20. Just a thought.

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This movie kicks butt.

Somewhere on another post someone pointed out that Elijah Wood is starring in a movie called "Cooties" about teachers (he's one of them) who are trapped in their school by students afflicted with some sort of virus...and HE'S WEARING THE SAME SHIRT AS HE DID IN THE FACULTY.

Mind. Blown.