...there are a bunch of clips on Youtube. Like this one, where the plucky high school students shoot the Principal in the head and then cause her to melt into a puddle of fizzy goop. There's also Jon Stewart's "eye sore," and the head on tentacles. And more!


I had to subscribe to HBO this month, because Game of Thrones, and last night they were showing The Faculty. I meant to watch only a minute or two, but wound up being glued to my seat until it was over. This film is way more fun than I'd remembered, thanks to a snarky script by Kevin Williamson and direction by Robert Rodriguez.

Here's Jon Stewart as a teacher who has an eye problem:

Here's the head that's got a mind of its own:

And here's the great scene where the alien queen is revealed:

If you haven't watched The Faculty in its entirety, there does happen to be a weekend coming up, including one day which is known as 4/20. Just a thought.


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