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In Animated Short I Am Here, a Cosmic Search for Meaning Leads to a Most Unexpected Place

Image: Eoin Duffy
Image: Eoin Duffy

Eoin Duffy’s previous animated short followed the strange quest of a squirrel hunting for his missing scarf. His latest, I Am Here, follows another unusual journey—on a much larger scale. Instead of a forest creature, its protagonist is a cosmic being who’s questioning literally everything.


The animation style is simple and modernist, and the score (by Menalon) is appropriately dreamy—but the real ace in the hole is acclaimed Canadian actor Nicholas Campbell’s world-weary narration. “I alone occupy the darkness” takes on an whole new poignant meaning once it’s put into real-world context at the end of the film.

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This was a wondrous story, and so perfectly captures all the thoughts and hopes and dreams, of those mere ephemeral mortals who dare to tread the eternal and unyielding halls of the DMV.