In an Odd Turn of Events, an NFL Legend Rescued Stan Lee's Dog

Stan Lee’s cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man
Photo: Sony/Marvel

The 95-year-old Stan Lee has had an eventful few months, with reports of his finances in disarray, possible elder abuse, and accusations of sexual harassment on the part of the man himself.

Now, by some strange happenstance, Stan Lee’s miniature pomeranian, Charlotte, went missing and happened to be NFL legend Jim Brown.


(For io9ers not immersed in the sports world, Brown, an 82-year-old fullback who played with the Cleveland Browns for several years in the 1950s and ‘60s, is widely lauded as one of the greatest football players of all time.)

The dog apparently went missing last week, according to TMZ, and when no trace of her was found, Lee’s associate and business partner Keya Morgan canvassed the area in missing dog signs. Those signs, then, led Brown and his wife Monique to get in touch after they found Charlotte, with no collar, in their yard.

The Browns, for their part, went through a lot of effort to give this dog back: after Charlotte’s microchip failed to produce any identifying information during a vet visit, the couple canvassed the neighborhood on foot and found the posters leading back to Lee.

Now, Charlotte is comfortably back with her owner, all thanks to the fact that Lee happens to live next to one of the greatest sports players to ever live, and the fact that that player happens to be a really cool dude. That’s a satisfying story if I ever heard one.



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